Meet the Farmers


Our founder and CEO Steve left his job on the east coast 15 years ago to come out west and follow his passion. He quickly discovered a deft talent for cannabis cultivation. Cutting his teeth in garages and basements along the way, he eventually founded Sense in 2013 and still works in the garden to this day.

  • Favorite Strain: Tribute 13

adam hayes

Formally an executive chef, Adam has been cultivating cannabis since 2013. Now as a co-owner and COO, he oversees the day to day operation of our cultivation facility.

  • Favorite Strain:

    Lemon Cherry Belts


Rob came to sense in 2016 after Sense moved to its current SF facility. He manages our daily plant touching processes with a strong focus on integrated pest management and sustainability, highlighting organic sprays and predatory insects.

  • Favorite Strain: GMO



Phenohunting. A careful analytic process of choosing our cannabis strain selections. Here at Sense our main objective is to seek unique flavor profiles, potency, and effects. We do this because each seed will provide a unique rendition of its parents genetics. Therefore popping every seed will increase our chances of coming across our next top strain.

Our process typically starts with a pack of seeds. We’ll pop each seed, number them 1-12, then grow them to mothers. Once the mother is ready we’ll create clones, and grow them to completion. We’ll analyze each batch by narrowing down to the best. In some cases strains never make it to menu. This is why we practice everyday.

Read more about our current phenohunt.

SENSE is redefining the premium cannabis category, which is saturated with over-hyped and underwhelming brands, by presenting our flowers in their purest and most authentic form. Our proven SENSE Grown methodology directs the plant’s energy straight into each SENSE flower, creating more intense aromas, flavors and experiences. We grow award winning premium cannabis in small batches as a close knit family, and in most cases pheno hunted from seed.